Chiswick - how to cut circles using a Swivel cutter.

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Welcome to another Chiswick post. This week i am focusing on their amazing little Swivel Cutter. The swivel cutter is made to, and allows for easy cutting of curves, circles and other designs out a variety of lightweight materials such as paper, vinyl and plastic. The cutter has a 360 degree swivel blade that also allows for easy cutting inside of templates. I love circles and so the swivel cutter is an important part of my basic tool kit. I used the swivel cutter to cut an accent circle over my photo on my layout - this draws the attention to my photo and also helps with visual flow of the layout.
I used the swivel cutter together with my stencil to cut a border circle. I also used my paper distresser to add some distressing to the outside of my cut circle. After i adhered the circle to my layout i also added some coloured hand sewn detail.
some die-cut elements out of the basic cardstock range available from Chiswick works really well for thin intricate dies. I also used the swivel cutter to cut out my stamped leaves on this layout - it made it really easy to cut out and navigate around the tight corners.
more sewn details of my cut circle
to add colour to my layout i used some of the Chiswick ink pads to stamp a leaf design onto plain cardstock, and then added some clear glitter for a shimmer effect
The Swivel cutter comes packaged with 2 extra blades so you will be covered for a little while before having to buy more replacement blades - the replacement blades are easily available from your local craftshop
Position the blade the right way inside of your circle stencil so that the cutting part is facing towards you
place pressure onto the blade and then pull it towards you in an even motion
the blade will move around the edges of your stencil and change direction as it is needed. this give you a continues action and a clean cut without having to lift your hand each time you need to change direction or go around a corner. To view all the available products from Chiswick, visit their website - and to find your closest craft store you can contact Denise on 031- 569 6116

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