scrap africa sketch 18.

6:45:00 AM

It's time for another great sketch reveal over at Scrap Africa.I am not really a single page scrapper - i love them and when other scrappers do them they are always so amazing...and then i sat and played and made this layout literally from scraps off of my desk and floor. you know the feeling when things just fall into place - well they did at least for me. it's plain and simple but i love it.
here's the original sketch i used
an arrow cut from the patterned paper and a simple line sewn through it. the 'believe in yourself' card was cut from a teresa collins paper from another project - can you see i didn't even trim the top edge in the end - and that's ok - it kinda fell into place with the overall look.
sewing with my machine adds that uncomplicated care free look and feel - totally creative and a no-brainer.
life has been a tad bit hectic - so sorry for not hanging out as much. but thanks for staining so faithful and visiting. i promise to do a give-away in the near future in celebration of life and friends and creativity!
i am working on a little project that involves lots of organizing, purging and cleaning out stuff that clutters my creative soul! yeah i know you know the stuff. i often look at what i have accumulated over the years in my profession, and then i think of the girls who are on like 10 design teams who gets tons and tons of free stuff to work with - how do they manage all that stuff - does the stuff give them security and make them feel special - and will the one with the most supplies really win in the end. lets face it - with all that stuff, you still won't take it with you in the grave and will have no use for it anayways once you are dead. you might as well use it now and share the wealth with others! what are your thought regarding this? look forward to hearing from you!

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