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Welcome to my little piece of heaven. It may not be perfect but it’s mine and I love it. I don’t have a dedicated craft room where I can make a mess and shut the door – reality is that my work space is in my living room. Yip! In your face all the time! You see my real craft space is built attached to the garage and house, but it lacks the very important part of uhm a roof and a door. So let’s just leave it at that. Instead here’s a little tour of where I spend most of my days…
 I have a large work table that used to be joined by another vintage huge table until I recently split them up because the more space I had the more I would fill it up. So now I am confined to scrapping on the one table and have dedicated the other table to my Cricut machine. in front of my desk is bench my brother made years ago with fluffy pillows and a nice soft comfy seat and throw – it forms part of the lounge area and also conveniently hides the mess sunder my desk (blush it’s true). Behind my desk is another large cupboard filled with my other most used stuff and overflow stuff like adhesives, melt art, chipboard letters, ink pads and plastic packets. To the left of the cupboard is a small unit with my printers on and underneath my buttons sorted by colour in jars and a large tin box with my punches in. My laptop is towards the left of the table on the edge – I am able to do what I need! And if I look to the right from my computer I am in the lounge. Very convenient!
On my desk are 3 jars of washi tapes sorted by colours of course for visual prettiness. I only keep my most used tools on there and that includes my paper piercer and sewing stuff and a basket of my favourite and most used stamps. The rest of my stamps are stored in our bedroom in a chest of drawers. My acrylic and cling mount stamps now live in the unit you will shortly see.

this ugly and hopefully soon to be painted and distressed unit and its friend houses my most used stuff. I have acquired a couple of recycled and repurposed vintage ammunition (yes as in bullet) crates. I added pretty handles to them and tied a descriptive tag to each of them with the contents. They hold my inks, Mister Huey mists, AC embossing powders, microbeads, glitter glues, 6x6 paper pads, distress ink pads, blank tags, adhesives etc.

I love how the wooden crates enable me to pull it out of the cupboard and place it on my desk – once I am done it all goes neatly back – out of sight! Since everything is always in your face it is important for me to try and keep everything nice and neat! Did I just say that? Let me assure you – it doesn’t always happen!

In the opposite corner of the lounge is a drawer unit also on wheels (I move stuff around a lot). On top is a pretty display with my paint brushes. In the drawers are my Cricut cartridges and other random stuff that still needs to be sorted. 
for more photos and info on my scrap space you can head over here 
hope you are having a wonderful creative weekend and thanks for stopping by!

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