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thankful!pretty much sums up my day today. driving home from class today, i was stuck in traffic again for way toooo long in fourways. way too many people irritated and driving, way too many people consumed by the rush of spending money they probably don't have. way too much of ugly. i am so thankful for making it through this year, for the opportunities and the blessings bestowed on me in this tough year, but i am glad it is heading towards the end. i am thankful for the small little things that are the big things in my life, since the big things really are just things and can be taken away in an instant. i am thankful for just being. and so thankful for the people who share my creative journey in so many ways - so that means you if you are still reading.
i am also so thankful for being able to work with beautiful stuff - for the little inspiring projects like wrapping a gift in some prettiness. i love graphic 45 paper so much, but find it hard to work with - what i do like is that embracing the "differentness" of the papers and turning it into the unexpected and the different makes the product blossom even more. so i loved wrapping gifts in the papers, with special bows and gorgeous gift tags.

so this means that my colour scheme for this festive season is bold and bright and totally happy. it's filled with pretty and delicate and glitter and bling. here's wishing you a 'thankful' ordinary day and may your preparations for the silly season be reasonable and sparkly and keeping the spirit of caring alive. have a thankful day! i am playing catch up with my December Daily project...stay tuned

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