listen.word 2013.

4:40:00 PM

with 2012 heading to a close it can be soon enough. it's been a great year on so many levels and it's also been the crappiest ('scuse my french). crap mostly because it involved people. now i have nothing against people in general but they seem to be the common denominator in all things bad. yes and on a confession level i guess it includes me too. what i really dislike about people is that they seem to think of themselves as gods and if you don't worship them the way others do, but rather see them for what they really are they turn evil - literally. which brings me to my word for 2013. LISTEN.
to listen to that little voice, to God's prompting, to my own intuition, to experience, to what i know. to listen more to God's word and His sweet whisper in my ear, be it how soft, to listen and trust my instincts and never give in to the loud and disturbing and distrusting voices of those who mean me harm. to simply listen....
here's to listening to my own voice and not let it be drowned by those who speak so loudly and want to silence God's word and will for our lives. here's to a wonderful new year of listening!

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