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5:45:00 PM

today was a goodish day for me. things have been hard lately - really hard. the kind of hard you can share some days and then other days you know you can't. the kind of hard where you know a miracle needs to be close by or else. today was a goodish day. you see we got to play at my amazingly talented friends art studio! it's the most beautiful french art studio in all of South Africa. Kath converted her stables with flair like only she could. it is homely, warm and filled with a creative soul. we worked, we were busy and that was good today! we ate delicious cake that Sons made (ok i had a second piece - yes its that good) and we had lunch and we were just there together - being creative. and that was good! it was what i needed for today. we created beautiful canvas girls that Kath designed - so we painted and collaged and gelled and it was good. it was a art therapy day - and no-one knew. but they were there.
Kath and Sonia whom i so appreciate in my life! you girls rock.
and the queenie of all our hearts! (who's getting a new house)
and chandeliers to drool over and delight in, and the perfect concentration...
and Colleen and i were there - being creative! not much to day! love days like this!
and so that is where...we...women....created...today! love you all madly!

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