altered canvas trio.

3:22:00 PM

a while ago i made this set of 3 mixed media canvasses. i loved how they turned out...i guess no one else did but that's another story. but i thought i would share them here as we are about to set out on another mixed media canvas journey. a couple of really awesome friends and i are getting together to play. there's so much enthusiasm amongst them and i can just see the gorgeous art works that will come from a morning of play. this is a picture of the 3 grouped together -not sure i have space on my walls for them though.
blue - is covered in dressmaking pattern sheet and then layers of blues and gold from Ranger's paint dabber group. the multi functional empty bird-cage by tim holtz takes centre stage. and don't you just love that heart has wings!
purple - so not my favourite colour but nice. a tim holtz grungeboard bird negative becomes the perfect stencil to be gold leafed. the bird sits above a strip of sheet music covered in bee's wax and nails. yes life is filled with people who sing beautiful tunes in front of you but given half a chance they bring out the nails...i have learned that the human tongue is a terribly hurtful thing.

i found a whole jar filled with these rusty old nails in our shed on the farm - i love their rusty vulnerability
pink - oh so pretty. covered in pink and gold paint with a bee's wax envelope that carries my hopes, dreams, fears and sadness in life itself.
the wax envelopes consists of several layers of patterned papers and then dipped into wax for that stunning glassy see through look.
i hope you like what you see. here's to creative play and being free!

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