smell the roses...

2:05:00 PM

The smell may be long gone but the memory and (blurry) images will still remain! Beulah (one of my students) from Sweet Scrappins gave me these roses from her garden. They sure were a sight...and the smell!

It reminded me of the good old saying: ...stop and smell the roses! This week's events lead to this post. After dealing with some 'stuff' it ended on my mom breaking her toe while cleaning the flat to look after a friend who had a heart by-pass...good fun! While at the doctor with mom I asked him about my eye - he said that it is still "skew" and that it is really sensitive for light and something is not functioning right. Anyhow he said that is can take up to 9-12months before everything is back to normal. It only confirmed what I suspected - my left eye has been "lazy", skew and very sensitive - frequent tearing up and some blurry vision in bright light. So I guess stressing is out of order.
I am hoping to get back to my normal work schedule soon and post more projects that are piling up in the photo shoot bin! Have a good weekend everyone!

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