never too old to learn...

9:06:00 AM

In the last month I have learned once again....
1. how fragile life is
2. that not everything is as it seems
3. that some of my fellow teachers at the convention earn more in 4 days of teaching than what I earned all of last year
4. there are still good people in this world
5. there are still people who give freely and without measure
6. i cannot afford to scrapbook in my own country because it is made to be so expensive
7. that someone in South Africa is making a killing through the Internet and we are paying through our ears for it
8. that scrapbook companies overseas look after their workers and value people
9. that i still love what i do in spite of everything...
10. that i have worth even if no-one else thinks so
mmmm....and all this so early in the morning! hope you have an awesome day

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