Colour Your Burlap Flowers In A Few Easy Steps.

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These beautiful burlap flowers from Petaloo have become my absolute favourites. The texture and variety is amazing and the fact that I can personalize them to suit my project perfectly is a bonus. Today I am showing you how to combine your inks and flowers and create something truly unique in a few easy steps. All you need is a few minutes to customize the beautiful petals in something truly unique. 
I wanted to add more interest to my Petaloo burlap flowers and used my trusty VersaMagic ink pads to add colour and to combine different shades for loads of interest before adding them to my card.
Step 1 - Select the colours that you want to use to colour your flowers with. I used the versatile VersaMagic ink pads.
Step 2 - Add some Turquoise Gem ink onto a palette. TIP: I use the plastic packaging from my Couture Creations dies – they work really well and can be thrown away without batting an eyelid. Press the ink pad onto the palette lightly to transfer the ink.
Step 3 - Mist the ink with water. Use a paintbrush to mix the ink and water and then paint the white burlap flowers until the entire flower is covered in colour.
Step 4 - Add Pink Petunia ink to your palette – use a clean palette and brush. Select one of the pink texture elements burlap flowers – it is already pink but we are going to add some more interest by adding a different pink colour to it.
Step 5 - Paint the lighter areas of the pink flower with the dirty rose pink ink. This will give you a flower that is shaded in two different colours of pink giving you more interest and making the texture pop even more.
Step 6 - You are now ready to adhere your coloured burlap flowers to your card or layout. I love these flowers for their gorgeous textures and interest, and making my own colours to match my project is such a bonus.
Stamped details added to my card using VersaFine Vintage Sepia.

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