Mixed Media card - The Wholesaler featuring Tsukineko all purpose inks.

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With all the new art mediums and inks available it is hard not to dabble in a cross pollination of different mediums and inks into my crafting projects. So this week I created a card using Crackle texture paste and inks for a beautiful and interesting look. And if you are thinking that it is just not for you, think again. Combining different mediums together is really easy, and if you start off small, you will soon be dabbling into beautiful works of art and canvas pieces, and even some mixed media scrapbooking with great success.

For this card I used crackle texture paste combined with 2 colours of all purpose ink.
Step 1 - On watercolour paper, used a Prima stencil and some texture paste. Apply the paste through the stencil using an old credit card or palette knife. TIP: The thinner the layer the smaller and finer the cracks in the texture paste will be, the thicker the paste, the longer it will take to dry, the bigger the cracks will be
 Step 2 - Once the paste is dry, mist the surface with water. Use a paintbrush and then lightly brush on some all-purpose ink in your lightest colour first. Then use another paintbrush and add the second colour of ink in the same way but overlapping onto the first colour of ink. TIP: Because of the water, the inks will mixed and blend together giving a really interesting colour effect
 Step 3 - Once the ink is dry, use a die-cut and cut the coloured piece into a shape of your choice. I used an inverted corner frame for my card.
 Step 4 - Using a scrap piece of coloured cardstock, die-cut a word or sentiment of your choice.
 Assemble your card by adhering the frame to the centre of your folded card. Add a few leaves and a large matching flower. Add your die cut sentiment. Dip a small paintbrush into the light blue all-purpose ink and splatter the background of your card with the blue ink as a finishing touch.

Another quick and easy way of using your All-Purpose Inks – combine it with art mediums on cards, layouts and canvas projects. Please let me know what you think of this mixed media card tutorial?

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