Bleached out t-shirt using my Silhouette Cameo.

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Are you one of those people that own a red sweater with a reindeer on it – well not likely right? Well I always admire the international Christmas trend of pyjamas and clothing celebrating the silly season, so that’s what inspired my latest Silhouette project.
 I wanted to do some silly festive photos of my niece and nephew this year, so I decided to create some t-shirts for them.
Whether they will comply or not to wearing them is another story! I used bleach and a Silhouette cut-out image to create a fun and funky looking t-shirt with an image on the front.
I first cut my favourite reindeer image on my Silhouette machine the size I wanted it to be. You can use any image but avoid too detailed images as the detail may get lost. I used smooth American Crafts cardstock for my cut out.
Position the cut out onto your t-shirt where you want it to be. You could adhere the image temporarily to the t-shirt using a sticky square or small piece of double sided tape just to keep it in place while you mist the bleach.
Fill a small mister bottle with household bleach/jik and mist over the cut out onto the t-shirt surrounds.
Leave the bleach to dry and react – it will colour out the area around the cut out image. Use a dark coloured t-shirt for the best results. Once you have misted the bleach you can remove the cut out image and then wait for the bleach to dry and fully react to reveal the end result.
  • First test the bleach on a small area of the item you want to bleach to see the end result.
  • Always return unused bleach to the opaque container. Once bleach comes into contact with light it loses its effectiveness and eventually won’t do anything.
  • Different colours of t-shirts will bleach to a different colour, that’s why testing is always a good idea – even using old t-shirt fabrics will give you a good indication of what the bleach will do to it.
  • Black fabric and paper will mostly bleach to orange, pink, yellow and eventually white.
  • The more bleach you add the lighter the end result will be.
 You can have loads of fun with this easy technique and your Silhouette CAMEO machine – the sky’s the limit. Why not get the kids involved and have them make their own t-shirt designs or handmade festive gifts for teachers and friends. This could be a fun party activity too!

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