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...things have been mixed - to say the least. My absence was an attempt at getting a hold of life (you know) as in sort out the crap in an attempt to be more productive and take some time for me personally. well, on some levels it worked and on others it didn't. So let's get back to reality and the things i do know, and that's work. thank you for hanging around and hanging out even while i wasn't here - you know you are appreciated and love right?
 Now that the Christmas celebrations are over I am in the mood for getting to work on some other projects. So here goes…
I created this little friendship quote heart element as a reminder to myself.
 I started off by cutting 2 tags with the top rounded using 2 different patterned papers. In the end the two tags together will form a heart shape.
On the one heart I added some double sided tape strips. On both tags I cut slits 3/4 of the way from the bottom straight edge to the top. These slits will be used to weave the tags together to for a heart.
 Remove the double sided tape backing and cover the sticky side with glitter from the Chiswick range.
Use scrap paper and cut a decorative border using one of the beautiful border punches from Chiswick.
 Fold the punched strip over and adhere it to the back of the heart as a hanging tab.
Weave the two tags together to form your heart. Adhere the woven strips together using adhesive to make it firmer. Then add sewing and decorative elements.
Add some of the small blue flowers from the border punch to the decorated heart. Add diamante, pearls, flowers and a border strip.
 Add additional glitter strips once the tags are weaved together.
A nice easy project to get the creative juices going again. I love how the colours from all the different products worked so well together.
I used these wonderful products from the Chiswick range
Die cut stickers – Funky Fun st1002
Ultra fine glitter sb4225
Simplciity Strip Punches – Daisy pct770
Remember to visit the website to see all the products available in the Chiswick range! Ask for them by name at your local craft store!
I will be back later this week, with a little New Years project to celebrate!

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