8/25 - partial embossing.

10:05:00 AM

I know i know (guilty for being MIA)so sorry - but while real life sets in and the reality of fighting a cold while my body and mind begs me to shut down i have gotten more and more irritated with society and their lack of celebrating Christ's birth instead of buying the love of their family members with lavish gifts while other die of hunger and depression. so i am throwing myself at the mercy of my work table and playing catch up.
tip # 8 - partial embossing
i am know for using only partial stamped images, small bits of paper and images and so it's only a natural extension of this trait that i only do partial embossing using my Cuttlebug.
i will emboss only a small part of corner of my patterned paper to add texture and then add a light inking on top to accentuate the design 

this is a funky way of adding texture to only a select piece of your design.
keep in mind that you can only move your selected piece of paper so far out of your embossing folder for it to still fit into the opening of your Cuttlebug. yes i know what you are thinking - and truly i am fine with it. i often turn my paper at an angle and only emboss a small corner to add texture.
play around and experiment with this - you too will find it addictive. i promise to be back...and will complete all 25 tips - but at my own leisure - without any pressure. so thank you for hanging around and here's wishing you a wonderful and Merry Christmas.

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