5/25 - Create funky plastic debossed elements for cards using Cuttlebug embossing folders.

3:28:00 PM

I have always had a fondness for wood glue - it has qualities that most others glues don't have - and not the kind for adhering paper don't get me wrong. i use wood glue for everything else except gluing down things. so naturally tip and technique # 5 involves wood glue.
Tip # 5 - create plastic looking elements using wood glue and embossing folders.
1. Open your embossing folder and grab some wood glue. In America and elsewhere in the world this wood be something like Elmer's craft glue i imagine.
2. Add a nice thin layer of wood glue directly onto the bottom side of the folder. I normally add the wood glue all over and then let it settle and form an even layer. the next step is very important...
3. Place your embossing folder on a perfectly level surface and leave it to dry - normally this will take up to 2 days depending on the thickness of your glue layer.
4. Once dry the glue will be a milky white colour. Carefully peel off the dried glue layer - this is quite easy to do.
5. I then used alcohol inks to colour my dried sheet of plastic embossed glue thingy. words of what to call it fail me here LOL
6. sew it onto a card or tag and embellish for a funky element.

this is the back of my dried glue layer - pretty smooth with only a few air bubbles - which is not on the front.

once you add colour the effect is quite amazing and unique.
the glue does not harm or damage your embossing folders at all. once dry the glue simply peels off the plastic folder and is perfectly clean and dry.
i hope you will try this technique - it's fun and even the kids can get involved in this one - a fun project for the holidays but will require some patience. happy bugging!

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