can you resist this challenge at scrap africa.

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i have always loved a good resist - its almost like breaking the rules instead of conforming to what society thinks is right. i am a rule breaker - a rebel at heart.


verb (used with object)
1. to withstand, strive against, or oppose: to resist infection; to resist temptation.
2. to withstand the action or effect of: to resist spoilage.
3. to refrain or abstain from, especially with difficulty or reluctance: They couldn't resist the chocolates.
5.a substance that prevents or inhibits some effect from taking place, as a coating on a surface of a metallic printing plate that prevents or inhibits corrosion of the metal by acid
 our challenge this week at Scrap Africa was to do a resist technique. there are many different forms of resist but one thing is clear....
basically anything that is white will resist
white wax crayon, white wood glue, white lotion, white rub-ons, white embossing powder, clear embossing powder, white pan pastels, white pastels, white water colour paint, white quache, white oil paint, white gel pens, masking fluid, fluid stamping ink - to name a few
i used wood glue as a resist to create a coloured background for my card
step 1 - i first stamped a script stamp onto plain smooth white cardstock
step 2 - add a small amount of wood glue and spread it out using an old credit card. don't cover the entire surface with the glue - you want some cardstock to show through
step 3 - leave the glue to dry really well
step 4 - once the glue is dry, ink the cardstock using different colours of distress ink using an applicator tool and sponges
**remember to change the sponges as you change your ink colour to prevent contamination
step 5 - lightly mist with water and leave to dry
step 6 - use a soft cloth to wipe any ink off of the glue
use your background on a tag, card or on a layout
i love the interesting effects you can achieve with the glue, ink and water - totally unique and always different
hop on over to see what the other design team members came up with and play along - we would love to have you as a guest...happy resisting! thanks for stopping by and have a wonderfully creative week.
PS. at least i have one Festive season card done and dusted - how about you?

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