project life week 28.

8:48:00 AM

If you are in South Africa and a keen project lifer and you are battling to get hold of Project Life goodies in your area please leave me a message with your e-mail address 
and i will get back to you. i would hate for people to get discouraged because they can't get hold of this wonderful product.
Let me just say i am still in *love* with project life. earlier in the week while i was waiting on some products to do a project i grabbed my album and some goodies and in less than an hour i had a double page spread completed - memories, journaling, ephemera and all - done and dusted! I knew i wouldn't have time later in the week or for the next 2 weeks so i was relieved to get it done while i had a few minutes.
our life is not that interesting - imagine my shock when i realized this after starting project life LOL - and it suits us fine. happy, content and without the daily drama of the average person. life is not perfect - but it's perfect for me right here and right now.
what i love most about project life is that things i used to throw away, know has a place to live for example....that little brown heart. i have lots of scrap papers and i love experimenting. to i try new techniques and old products, old products and new applications. sometimes the result is amazing with the discovery of a new technique, other times i just like the cool reaction of the inks on the paper....
but things got too much and i ended up chucking most of my experiments - because i just didn't have the space to keep (hoard) everything! so now i can turn those precious little works of art into features that will last a lifetime.
and for that reason alone i am pretty chuffed with Project Life. some of the cards on this spread was downloaded from the internet and some created by me for my album and simply printed onto photo paper. i love the vibrancy of the oranges (not a colour i usually associate or create with). Project Life doesn't have to be expensive and difficult - it is what you make of it. thanks for hanging around and keeping on this journey with me - i know i have been out of touch a bit since getting back from Cape Town...but here i am ready and willing....have a wonderfully creative week.
To view the collection of Project Life Products currently available in South Africa visit

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