does my star sign make me weak in your eyes...

4:10:00 PM

this is not a pretty post - it's just reality. Some people have very strong personalities, some not so strong yet they have gone through more tough times and have endured a lot more than the so called 'strong personalities'. they thrive on their strength and they prey on the weakness of others. they think so much more of themselves, they think they accomplish so much more, they boast more, they think they rule the world and everyone in it. they don't have much time for the rest of humanity - they might pity them but they have no time for them. in reality they are the ones that should be pitied. the only question that comes to mind is - what would Jesus do? did Jesus think He was better than the rest of those mere humans He found Himself having to save, did He think that He was too good to be amongst the lessor species - or did He accept that God the Father did not make everyone the same, did He understand that some people don't need to be the best and most important or popular, did He get it? Was Jesus humble and went about His work without boasting, or belittling others, or jumped onto His high horse in a second? Did God equip each of us differently to face and deal and handle life differently - then who are YOU to judge people because they do not have such a strong personality. What would Jesus do, and how will you accept others who was made in God's image - and if you think less of me - are you not thinking LESS of God too - in whom image i was created?
this is just a post about how different we all are - it's my personal opinion and view - it's not aimed at anyone specific. i just find it hard to believe that those who claim to be Christians are so quick to judge others - are they not judging God at the same time? afterall i Never asked to be here...
"I don't want to die, but i aint keen on living either" (Robbie Williams) 
excuse me....oops here comes someone to judge me again for being weak.
PS i am an Aquarius 
edited to read - i am not an astrologer nor do i believe in it or make it my religion
society depicts that i am born in January and therefor i am classified as an Aquarius.

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