sketch 341 scrapbook challenges double page layout.

5:56:00 AM

it's time for a new sketch challenge over at scrapbook challenges. this week's sketch was a single page and again i turned it into a double - my comfort size for scrapping!i also set a challenge for myself - using a piece of paper that i very well could live without - you know the one... yip that big old green piece of kaisercraft. green is just not my colour - but what's a girl to do when she needs to use what she's got? I combined the green cut out with a more acceptable palette featuring blue and red with some stamping thrown into the mix and a recycled postage stamp ...
this week was a bit of a loose interpretation on the sketch - i used the left hand side of the sketch and then just did my own thing like i normally do.head on over to to see the original sketch and what the girls did with their designs...
in the end i kinda liked how it turned out! I used some red Teresa Collins flowers cut from a piece of left-over paper from my scrap box - and when i say scrap box i really mean the pile of papers that has overflown onto my floor waiting to be used or chucked (ya right)
to pick up some of the green i used a recycled postage stamp on the right hand side to pull your eye across - just enough green not to make me wanna hate it
colour is a beautiful thing - but some colours are meant for nature - here's how i see it
yellow - only meant for sunflowers in a field
green - only for freshly cut lawns
purple - for fields of lavender in france
orange - just joey roses in the garden
and those are my least favourite colours to use anywhere, cause in my opinion they are only meant for nature and perfectly so
hope you have a wonderful week - i am heading out to Bloemfontein for some classes and will be back on Sunday - so stay a while and come back soon! have a wonderful week!

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