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One of my go-to glues in my stash and one of my personal favourites too is the Tombow Mono Color Glue Stick. I often have people frown at me when I ask them to have a glue stick in their basic kit – and no it’s not the kind of glue stick you send to school for your kids to use. This is a very special kind of glue stick.

I have a ton of uses for my glue stick, and if you think about it they are pretty obvious. Why would you glue down thin tissue paper with tape that will show through, or a pretty quote printed on vellum, and why would you glue down ribbon with a liquid adhesive that will simply seep through and ruin your entire project? Right… I will give you a minute to answer those questions for yourself – done!

Ok now time to move on and explain just exactly why the Tombow glue stick is my go-to adhesive for certain papers and applications
·         I love handmade mulberry paper but because they are so flimsy and thin double sided tape, roller tapes and any liquid adhesive will simply make a line where it bonds to the paper and show through leaving a totally unsightly end result.
·         I love making invitations and printing the wording on vellum. Yip vellum as in tracing paper. The paper is thin and milky and with most adhesives this is a nightmare to adhere to any surface. Everything will show through and leave a visible line.
·         I like building up layers of papers together on backgrounds like printed tissue paper, old vintage book paper sheets and old flimsy maps that have seen better days. But should I use tape or liquid glues I will have visible lines where the papers overlap each other and the glue sits. Using a glue stick ensures that my papers overlap seamlessly and that no glues will show through my thin and delicate papers

… so in all of the above cases I will go to my favourite glue stick. The Tombow glue stick will dry with an even surface (when applied correctly) and will leave no visible marks or unsightly residue. It really is magical!

Tombow Mono Color Glue Stick in short
·         The glue is blue but dries totally clear
·         Acid free
·         Has a really strong bond
·         Is washable
·         Is totally child safe

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