capturing my tear.

6:36:00 AM

yesterday was a good day...we spent 5 hours on top of the Magalies Mountains, chatting, admiring the view, taking photos and just chilling. no answering phones, hardly any technology time, just being together, being active and out in the very very hot weather and finding peace in the midst of this hectic. it was a good day. we saw so much of God's hand in everything.
we had spotted some moisture on these purple flowers, but it was only once i got home and viewed the photos on screen - that i saw the little water drop underneath the flower - just hanging there. it was as if God was letting me capture my own teardrop and showing it back to me - letting me know that it will be all OK. sadness in the midst of beauty is there for a reason and a season. tomorrow is a new day (well actually today was a new day)
and then we saw this little fella...he was the funniest thing ever! he just stared at us, even posing and turning a couple of times so i could get him from all angles.
we saw loads of different flowers and interesting plants. so amazing in every little detail
i hope you had an awesome day. ours was filled with blessings and and everlasting joy.
here's to a creative week - inside or out. remember creativity doesn't always mean making something. it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful!

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