miss penny and happy spring day.

6:08:00 AM

happy spring day if you are in South Africa. which means that we went from cold (even some snow fall) to bloody hot overnight.but i look forward to having a green lawn again and for the dust to disappear. and then there is Penny...i named this card after the sweet lady who made it for me after one of the women's day classes at scrapbook studio.
i taught them to work on a sheet of white card stock and use it as a drip sheet for inks and paints. once we were done making a mess i showed them the potential of using their drip sheets in their actual project and even more possibilities. i pointed out to Penny that what she had in one corner was a card front on its own....and there she is just as i visualized her....
total perfection and perfect for a  spring celebration
even the imperfect pieces of texture paste became a feature
it goes to show that art is indeed anything you want it to be
hope you have a fabulous day. and once again this is the reason why i do what i do!

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