NSD Bloghop scrapbook challenges.

2:56:00 PM

welcome to the NSD Scrapbook Challenges Bloghop. this event will run from 4-6 May with loads of fun, prizes, inspiration and games. so why don't you play along. this is a fun one and if you are feeling a little puzzled, don't worry you will soon fit all the pieces together.if you arrived here from Lauri then you are in the right place.
first things first - here is the puzzle piece you need to collect. for this bloghop you need to collect all the puzzle pieces and then design a layout using them all put together. puzzled? well don't be - it's a lot of fun.
and here's a little peak at my layout puzzle piece  just to inspire you...
and before you head off to find your next puzzle piece here's a reminder of some goodies you can win on your way. the first prize is for someone who participates in the hop on section. yes meaning that you went through it all with us.
 and a wonderful prize for someone who comments of all the blog hop participants' posts...
 and for someone who becomes a new member of scrapbook challenges...
thanks for stopping by today! your next stop to collect another puzzling piece is
and don't forget to check back soon to see all the layout reveals based on our puzzle pieces. have a wonderful National Scrapbook Day - i am off to teach 20 ladies on a weekend away so i will check back later...

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