the secret is out.

3:16:00 PM

the secret is out...we are heading to
26-28 July 2012 
for more information and to book your seat head over here 

so things are looking up after a bad week!
i have some very exciting things i am working on, and proudly south African so.
then this morning i had a very exciting e-mail - something i have been hoping and believing will happen. and now the time may finally be here that it might happen.
i pray that God will have favor on me in this matter.
i am also in a painting mood. for starters that weak moment i had and painted a wall grey in my living room - i claim temporary insanity on that and i am sticking with that story. but it has gotta go! so that means for now at least 2 coats of white primer. darn it!
insert{me banging my head against grey wall here.
in the meantime i have been playing with some new techniques for classes all over the country later this year. this tag is one of those techniques and also a fun product to work with - something not a lot of scrappers are used to, so the reaction and results should be interesting.
PS. my new favourite toy is playing with 'time machine'- putting my photos through a developing process from as far back as 1960, grainy, dull and vintage. {photo above}

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