chandelier make-over.

2:13:00 PM

so this morning i finally finished the black/green wrought iron chandelier make-over for my client. what a long haul this one was...a whole four days of cleaning of years worth of dust and grime and then lightly sanding and getting rid of gunk and dust and loose flakes before i could actually start the process. so as i said before i am so bad at taking before and after pics - so yes you guessed it no before pic here, just the finished lady in all her creamy glory.
the black rope wrapped around strategic points was a headache at first, and then i simply embraced it as the paint took to it eventually leaving it slightly distressed and totally matching the look of her dining room table i painted so i left it as is.
tada! here she still is suspended in my garage (which is also still unpainted)
i added some beautiful crystals here and there to 'french-en" it up a bit. it totally did the trick to turn this dark and depressing lady into a glorious swan filled with light and beauty. can't wait to see it all hung up in its spot. and i hope to get some pics then. hope you are having a creative weekend with some rest. thanks for popping in.

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