card camp recap.

4:49:00 PM

it's been almost a week since our annual card making retreat and i am struggling to get into routine again. this year seamed so different and tiring - although i enjoyed it. things change every year and some for the good and others not. this year we had loads (90%) new girls attending camp. what this tells me is that the regulars are struggling and finding it hard to budget for camp which was also visible in sales. it may only be my observation but one none the less. every year i make a something special as my project - other than a card that is. BUT this year even i opted for a card which meant that i actually stuck to some sort of budget. and although there seemed to be some disappointed ladies everyone loved the cards too.
we did some funky backgrounds using distress stains. easily one of my favourite products to be released this year. although an old technique, out of 75 ladies only 1 had done this technique before and not with this new product or on paper. so all in all a good 2 days of informative teaching to a bunch of eager learners. today i am sharing the card samples with you as i prepare the step x step photos which i hope to share tomorrow God willing.
card sample 1 and a close-up pic of the ribbon we coloured using distress stains. i am such a snob when it comes to ribbon - so for me to use ribbon on a project it has to be silk at the very least. the colour and texture you can achieve is simply amazing.
card sample number 2 - same technique but different colouring.
the effects is simply amazing and even better in real life than in the photos.
thanks for popping in. stop by tomorrow for the technique sxs and some more samples of using distress stains on your cards and layout.

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