a bit of recycled stuff.

5:51:00 AM

i finally got a round to scrap some of the pictures and event ephemera from April in Cape Town. The photos are totally random taken from the girls, Tim and the product we used in his class. The papers are all left-overs from Margie's class with some additional 7gypsies and artchix added. I used the cover for my hotel key card and our table ticket to create the flags at the top of the layout - i love how every little remidner can be added to your layouts to create an original work of art. I have been thinking a lot about how the industry has gone from 'original' layouts and works of 'art' to packing kits and just sticking stuff together for those who think they don't actually have the time to create something original. well i say nonsense - why don't they all try and watch less TV and doing meaningless stuff, and get down to doind some quality projects, spending time with those who are really important and be orignal! maybe they are just too afraid to be original - because if you don't fit in with the Jones's this world will surelt crucify you sooner or later. anyways my thought for the day...be you - be an original!

and a close-up of the recycled ephemera ticket stub flags used

thanks for stopping by. hope you have a wonderful friday and a creative weekend

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