oil spil....or not.

5:13:00 PM

this could potentially be a disaster area....but instead i think it is creative genius at play! with some help of some chemicals of course yes. this is what my kitchen counter currently looks like. this is after we applied a second coat of rust over the original "bark" colour we decided on (which by the way did nothing)!
Jayson had so much fun... he really is a creative genius when it comes to pleasing me...as in keeping me happy. but he does have a slight problem...he never knows when to call it a day...

instead he is always willing to push the boundaries a bit further until he achieves what he sets out to! like adding some salt to the cement surface to create some reaction...creating more interest and more effect - and i LOVE it!

we have really been blessed with this process!..after purchasing this cement stain for the bargain price of R165.00 a bottle...just to discover the price has gone down to R79.00 a bottle! we now have a credit in store that enables us to buy the sealant - which really is the expensive part of the process! i mean seriously...have you ever heard of the price going DOWN instead of up AND the store actually willing to give you money back or a discount!! and all of this after we decided not to go for the original option of a product called cretecoat that would have cost R4000.00! i am just not prepared to spend that much on a kitchen thank you very much, even if i had the money! besides i think this option is really more me - creative, experimental and totally unpredictable! the hardest part is waiting the 24 hours for it to complete the reaction...and then this weekend we can seal it all and hopefully move back into the kitchen with all the stuff... so all thanks to Midas Earthcote for a stunning totally spontaneous product and for having the price go down! i am sure God had His hand in all of this! hope you have a blessed week!

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