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its been a while since i made this project inspired by tim holtz. somehow it is not speaking to me to add more stuff - you know the feeling when you desperately think and feel that a project needs more...but actually it already says what it needs to say, and in fact it really is complete. so i decided to share it here anyways...the project consists out of recycled masonry boards decorated with patterned paper and canvas. it also features a couple of vintage the pencil i found when cleaning out some of my brother's toolboxes, as well as the little rusted paper clip. i love things like that!

this glass decoupage plate i found at one of my favorite shops to browse...and it says
"things are looking up" - and they really are!

i used the pencil as i found it...i really do think my brother used it as it is....all 1.5 inches of it!

i loved how the painted canvas turned out...a combination of chocolate brown and
naples yellow!

and the other half of my rusted tin used on another projects elsewhere. the little angel i pulled off a piece of ribbon. and since i collect angels and love them this one had to find a place on my project with special meaning!

i have all these things or rather projects that i want to display on a single wall together - but i hardly have an inch of open wall space inside. so...i am hoping that my new studio will be done by the middle of this year so i can decorate and play on the walls to my heart's content! but for now...i am waiting for some kind of solution painted onto the cement counters in the kitchen to react with the lime....and its NOT! the effect is really beautiful if only it would work!
oh well...plan B...

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