3:58:00 PM

there are a lot of things broken in my life and this photo is a bit of a reflection of those things. needless to say i think i have found my word for 2011 - TRUST. i have to learn to trust people again, learn to trust God again and learn to trust my own instincts again. in fact i trust that i will not make the mistakes again that i have made in the past but that i will overcome all of them and set on my own journey from now on. i am itching to scrap these photos i took about a week ago. outside it is pouring with rain again, as it has for the last couple of weeks. Now i love the rain and am not complaining. But we have not been able to mow the lawn for weeks and things are looking really shabby around the garden - but i look past it and for now am thankful that we live quite high up the mountain and flooding is not a threat.

in the meantime i am working on mending my brokenness.
hope you have a wonderful week creatively.

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