amazing news.

7:23:00 PM

you know you are really blessed when you get an e-mail like i did today!
a mail from my publishers with stats about my latest book sales.
My book was rated by Nielsen Bookscan as the 4th best selling book of South African Titles
since release up until 15th January 2011! this really is an honour and that's when you realize people are actually taking you seriously.
in first place: John Platter's South African Wines
second place: Ena Murray Omnibus 28
third place: To the point by Herschelle Gibbs
fourth place: Scrap-Boek by Jowilna Nolte
thank you to everyone who supported me through this journey and all those loyal supporters and followers for purchasing your copy! it really is appreciated!
going to bed with a happy heart tonight!

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