scrap and stamp saturday.

7:39:00 PM

it's that time again...its Saturday...well maybe not officially here in South Africa but maybe somewhere in the world. i have issues with scheduling posts and since i will be out for the entire day tomorrow i thought i might as well post it now! so if i offend anyone - it sure is not intended that way! today i am hosting a challenge over at scrap and stamp Saturday...colouring paper with fabric dye. back in the days before the fancy scrappers dye, mists and sprays i used good old fabric colouring to colour ribbon, paper, lace and paper flowers. it is still a firm favorite with me as it does give such a nice effect. for this challenge i used it on old book paper - just look at the natural lines and patterns it forms - that is when it is left to dry naturally! BUT you could speed up the process with a heta gun! so head on over to scrap and stamp Saturday and play along with us...and remember to use at least one stamped image!
below is an atc sample i did with old book paper and the same blue dye!

some close-ups....
my stamped image across two tags coloured with red food colouring...yummy

step 1
mix some dye powder with water in a spray bottle and shake well.

step 2
spray your paper liberally and leave to dry or use your heat gun to speed things up.

step 3
cut to size and use as desired. as simple as that!

i hope you have a fabulous and creative weekend!

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