bona food for fun and funds day.

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yesterday was the big day...i was invited by Bona Magazine & Caxton to do a gift wrapping presentation for their annual Food For Fun and Funds day held at Gold Reef City. by 8am Saturday morning we had 250 booked delegates arrive at the doors very eagerly and then an additional 30 showed up just in case and we gladly accommodated them! all i can say! we had been setting up since 6am which meant that i left home at 4:30am. I had my presentation at 10am for an hour in which i showed them some economical gift wrapping ideas. the idea is for them to wrap and present their baked goodies in a way that they can sell even more. the day is essentially an uplifting project that enables people to make a living from their baked goods. we had lots of fun and they loved my ideas - simple and manageable - things that they can afford and do themselves!
below is staff from the Bona Magazine, editor and marketing manager.
the chefs in action came after my presentation and make divine little cakes and biscuits.

a clear gift box decorated with some scrap papers, paper doilies and a stamped sentiment...

glass is wonderful since it is environmentally friendly and can be dressed up easily

a simple Christmas wreath made from a piece of lampshade and strips of Christmas fabric torn and knotted around the metal base.

gift tags coloured using food colouring...they loved that idea and tied to a biscuit bag using ribbons
this little guy zips open at the back and his tummy can be stuffed with all kinds of goodies...

i also made this explosion box with a cupcake inside...they loved this

an ordinary clear box wrapped in ribbon with a mince pie inside. finished
off with a simple sticker.
Sonia made some cupcakes and i added the cupcake toppers with festive messages and images on top as a finishing touch!

and last but not least my cupcake liner Christmas tree! this was the show stopper on my table and a big hit with everyone!

so these are just some of the things i shared with them yesterday....and now i am off to relax as i am pooped! hope you have a marvelous Sunday.

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