the purple dinosaur.

3:15:00 PM

welcome back to our office CEO christine! she has roamed the globe and is back with us for some much needed scrapping time! and a special welcome back from Barney the office mascot - also otherwise known as ... (sensored)! the photo of barney was taken as he hangs on for dear life on my scrapping bag! looking forward to a quieter Monday!
Tuesday is another hectic day as we finish off the last of the photos of my new book. at least i have prepared most of the steps and got all the messy stuff behind me - this helps us save time in the studio! then comes the hard work of proof reading, finalizing the cover and layout and tweeking to get the look i have envisioned for this baby! i still love publishing with every part of my being - in spite of the hard work - very few people actually get! each time i buy a magazine i take a little moment to reflect on just what it takes to put such a publication together from concept to freshly printed proofs! hope you have a fabulous week! watch out for a fun 2010 world cup layout in tomorrows addition of scrapbook challenges.

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