resist layout.

4:56:00 AM

apart from the invisibles paper which really is all about resistance, we added some more of our own resist techniques to this layout this week. I love the colour combination of yellow/orange and pink - quite unusual but striking in real life. the silver on the layout is silver leafing. the strip on the side is a piece of double sided tape and the silver leafing sheets placed directly on top of that and flattened with my fingers for a nice smooth effect. you can use a soft paintbrush...but fingers work just as well. the same was done on the circle on the left but this time i used an ordinary glue stick as adhesive. as part of the accents I used a print out of a chandelier and punched it into a circle, then added a layer of dimensional glaze. let me know what you think...
as part of my embellishments i even got to use some of my old (really old) stash...see those little acrylic circles on the pink strip - they are from KI Memories and must be about 5 years old. but they worked perfectly on this layout

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