7:49:00 AM

I am honored to have gotten this from amanda who tagged me this week and gave me this honest award ...the idea is to list 10 honest things about yourself...mmm a tough one
1. I have no maternal instinct at all! And that's ok!
2. I love being alone in my own quiet space - too many people too much c(*&p
3. I hate people who think they are better than others
4. I absolutely love the ocean and crave water
5. When i was young and stupid and a rebel I got a tattoo
6. I am addicted to collecting patterned paper
7. If God takes you to a place He will also give you the grace to go through it
8. I hate shopping with a passion
9. I am not a housewife - I hate cooking and cleaning
10. I craft because it is a God given talent not to be taken for granted
and I pass this award onto the following girls to be honest
4. Melani de Groot

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