re-use & re-purpose

10:25:00 AM

Use buttons as a quick and easy way of repeating colours
in your patterned paper or visuals.To add texture thread the
buttons with embroidery thread or thin cord.
Close-up details of the different buttons I used to add dimension & texture.

Use three different sized buttons stacked on top of each other for
a custom made embellishment. Adhere them together
using a liquid adhesive or thread with a thin leather
cord, and then attach it to the ribbon on the front of your card.

Just a quick share this morning of some cards I made using recycled stuff. The green polkadot cardstock is making memories packaging from their clear stamps. The pretty flower images was taken from a TopBilling magazine. I simply added a few buttons and some ribbon and stamped a sentiment on each card and there you go. It just goes to show you don't really need so much fancy stuff to be truly creative and just make pretty stuff. Here's to a creative and inspired weekend.

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