Christmas Exploding box - The Wholesaler.

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Over on The Wholesaler blog you can read all about my Christmas Exploding box - perfect to impress those crafting skeptics and make a statement. This truly is a magnificent piece that cause everyone to ooh and ahhh. So go on and give it a go...
 Making gift boxes has become a rather important and easy thing to do – so if you are a crafter then you really have no excuse, other than to have a fabulous gift box for treats and small gifts alike.
Years ago when I first made my first exploding gift box I turned it into a mini album rather than a box. I was pretty impressed with it and it had huge impact on everyone that viewed it. But nowadays I am much more of a simpler kind of crafter. So instead of making it complicated like we do, I made the same box using a festive theme.
I will use the box for a small gift or chocolaty treats instead and afterwards the recipient can recycle it and turn it into gift tags by simply cutting it apart, punching a small hole and adding some ribbon. This way no one will be stuck with something that can’t be used, gathering dust and adding clutter to their lives. A gift within a gift I say.

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