marble perfect pearls.

4:15:00 PM

if you haven't been around to see the design team project featured on the scrapbook studio blog yet...then best you head on over. but just to get you in the's the very quick and easy technique i did on the layout - with stunning effect.using perfect pearls you can create your own shimmering elements for layouts. that's what i did on my stars and here how...
decant small amounts of perfect pearls in two colours onto your craft sheet. it can be any colour.
using a mini-mister mist the pearls with water from above. misting from above keeps the fine powder from flying off of the craft sheet.
the more you mist the more the colours will mix together - and that's in the end what will give you that beautiful marble look.
now dip a piece of plain white card stock into the perfect pearls. do not drag it across the surface as the craft sheet will scratch the card stock and leave unsightly marks on it. dip the card stock repeatedly to cover the areas desired. rotating the card stock will also help mix the colours together even more.
now cut your desired shape out of the card stock and use on your layout. remember you can also emboss it using your cuttlebug and embossing folders, or pop it into your Cricut machine and cut some shapes to use. have fun and remember to visit Scrapbook Studio.

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