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12:55:00 PM

it's amazing how a couple of days at home can be good for the soul. this means i can reflect on what is really important - and no it really isn't the superficial stuff that everyone thinks make the world go round. it really isn't all the hang ups people have over other people...it really isn't even about you! so i did some cleaning and purging and chucking and dusting and i feel amazing! i am always amazed at how quickly we tend to gather and hold onto stuff that really mean nothing - like the thousands of sheets of paper, or hundreds of stamps and other stuff that clutter your soul. my desk is sorta clean and a can actually go from one end to the other without tripping over a pile of crap -pardon my french if you will! i also did some catching up on projects for some design teams and got a head start on some other projects that are seriously over their deadline! yikes. but in all things and especially creativity there comes a time when a project just doesn't fall into place. so i played around with something really pretty, yes loads of pink flowers and things. but you will have to wait for a week or so for it to be revealed.
until then...i hope you are feeling inspired with whatever you are doing. and remember to wipe the dust from your soul this week!

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