for inks sake.

7:10:00 PM

so a long time ago i realized that i hate being told what to do. i have also realized that i am not the only one - yes they are out there and yes they are watching you. so i realized that i am best at doing just what i do. i love being creative and just pl;aying and seeing what happens. of course there is some purpose behind the playing as well as a couple of design principles but those are all built in - not something you can really teach people. and that is what this layout is all about. it was recently published in a local magazine - although very min-nute in size. i just loved the way it turned out - totally spontaneous and free.
i used distress stains to create my technique pieces and combined them with loads of patterned papers. just the way i love it! lots of stamped details and bling of course...
then i also made a couple of cards alongside using the same left-over technique pieces and papers. for the stamped image i used distress stains to stamp the image. they are wonderful for creating multi-coloured stamped images.
love the effect of ink, water and pure luck!
i can't imagine life without inks and paints and colour and patterned papers. love it all! and it's the one thing that no-one can tell me how to do - and i love the freedom it brings to my life! hope you are having a creative week.

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