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sorry for being missing in action for a while longer than i had planned. i hope you - all my wonderful virtual friends had a really amazing festive season! Christ-mas here went down as usual with it's oh-lets-mess-her-life-up kinda day on the 23rd and so i kept things under wraps and low key just in case there was another curve ball waiting ...
and so here we are...twenty 12.
is this the year? the end of the world? the end of it all?
one can only wonder. and that's what i have been doing - wondering - a lot - about all sorts of things - about God's promises and His timing. but those are my issues i am dealing with so i won't bore you any longer.
in the meantime i took some time to :
play - with paint and inks and stamps and created stuff just for me
painted the bathroom - the 2nd in my restoration series
(while still needing to finish the kitchen - yes i know)
cleaned and cleared and purged
got my word for twenty 12 -

to restore my life
to restore old and new friendships
to restore my home and make it comfortable
to restore my heart and soul
to restore my faith in God
restore my faith in humankind
restore my work studio
restore love
and where it needs to i will dare to fail and restore myself again
- each and everyday if need be - i am made new in HIM
thanks for hanging around. thanks for making the journey with me. thanks for failing with me and thank you above all for restoring my faith in humankind. i promise to be back later this week....

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