birds, eggs and bee's wax on a project.

3:29:00 PM

so i am currently trying to work my way through the pile of half-done, almost-done, just about-done projects and class samples. i am getting there. the problem is, whenever i have so much to do and obligations to fulfill i tend to wanna paint, decorate, move and sort stuff around the house. anyone else suffer from that? in between painting a dining room set (table and 6 chairs) for a friend (a lot more work than i have envisioned) i managed to photograph this little bird atc frame that i did a while back. this project also just happened to be a lets make something else cause' the thing i am working on isn't working kind of thing. i am pleased with how it turned out though. so here it is...
the images are printed on Epson archival matt paper and covered with layers of bee's wax with a few simple decorations.
recycled tags from another project that i am also trying to finish off and will share later. and guess what - i actually have a before and after photo of that project. something that i struggle with. i am always in such a hurry to get started that i tend to forget to take before pics. i am trying to get better at it though.
the egg sticker is one of my favourite images. the colours fade to something dreamy when layers of wax are added.
hope you are having a dreamy and wonderful lazy Sunday. seize the day!

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